Born in 476 A.O.V., Henri was named after the legendary Henri Jierre, who founded the Jierre Sciens d’Arms martial academy, who was said to have never needed more than three sword strokes to defeat any foe. Henri’s father, Bruno West, was a great swordfighter in his own right and trained Henri from an early age to be a swordfighter as well. Henri grew up learning of the great feats his namesake did long before the current Henri’s birth.

Unfortunately, Bruno, who served in the RHC, died on a mission when Henri was 14 saving the life of his commander Duto Ser. This heroic death inspired Henri to train even harder with the hopes of joining the RHC himself. Bruno’s former commander became somewhat of a second father and Henri was often invited over to visit Duto, his wife, and his adopted daughter Elanna Ser.

Henri continued to train in all facets of swordfighting, learning from anyone that would teach him. Luckily, in 493 A.O.V., the Fourth Yerasol War ended, allowing Henri to apply to attend the coveted Jierre Sciens d’Arms (Jierre Arms Academy) in Danor, was accepted, and began his training there in 495 A.O.V. The training was intense and difficult. And while most of the students from Danor kept their distance and held to old grudges after the war, Henri did become friends with several Danoran students as well as many from other lands. He also had the chance to meet his namesake’s descendant and Danor’s future Minister of Outsiders, Lya Jierre at his graduation when she came to speak. Henri’s greatest wish would’ve been that his father could’ve seen him graduate with honors.


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