Pathfinder: Zeitgeist

5th Summer
Things get weirder

The evening before as we were groggy and about to leave, we heard rumors of a rally starting at noon on the 5th. This Rally will occur in bosum Strand at Dawn Square. Nevard Sechim (the old druid dude on the mountain) is calling for it saying that his vision will save Flint from disaster.

There are reports of the smell of burnt engine grease at Dawn Square in the morning, reported to us by Hennet Rinus. It had just started during the night. People are uneasy in a several block radius.

Upon arrival in Dawn Square, Elanna noticed that there was oil slicks on the ground. After more investigation, she saw that there was actually a trail. We started tracking the oil to a gated warehouse.

After inspecting the warehouse, the front door appeared to be magically trapped or alarmed. The back doors were blocked from the outside. Several windows were around the top. Calim used a Mage Hand to wrap a rope around a beam next to an open window and we climbed up.

The dim warehouse has catwalks that crisscrossed it. We were able to semi-sneak (read as ‘failed miserably’) up above an area with a large construct and several technicians.

They did some stuff and one of the technicians stepped on something we think was a portal and disappeared. The large construct flashed when this happened.

Stuart threw a web spell as Elanna yelled “RHC, halt and surrender!” Of course, they didn’t comply… They continued to step into the thing and disappear while several fled. The construct fought with Henri for a while before fleeing.

Found documents and such:

  1. Hand written ritual – replace cat’s blood with witchoil. Take same precations as you would at the mana reservoir.
  2. On a cage, is a checklist – Set of steps:
    1. Sedate cats
    2. Extract blood
    3. remove heart
    4. implant witchoil
    5. attach collar and amulet
    6. perform ritual
    7. if error, shatter witchoil vessel. if successful, attach chest plate.
  3. Schematic of where to attach chest plate to the rib cage.
  4. Percise description of how the chest plate protects the witchoil vessel

Also found collars to control the cats. Hold the collar and speaks the command word “Obey” can give orders to the cats.

Stuart and Henri started interrogating the 3 captives. They have been using the bleak gate to get around Flint without getting noticed. He said that the Shadowman was called Creed and worked for McBannon.

The technicians are denizens of the Bleak side, fading back to it as the world can no longer hold them. You apparently need a ring/circle of rusted iron to get into the Bleak.

The technician spends most of his time working on a project for the Risuri military and McBannon is in charge of the project. The project has something to do with weaponizing witchoil and creating an army powered by it (either constructs or creatures).

Around 10PM, we left the warehouse and headed back towards the square. There, we found thousands of people already in the square. We checked around for a while, discovering that there were some weird robed guys that we believed were druids near some wagons (We should have known better!) and also there was a rust ringed fountain that might be used for a portal.

Once Nevard started speaking, the weird robe guys moved, revealing they were standing on rusty rings. The jaguar things jumped out of the rings and attacked the crowd.

Calim quickly pulled out the collar that we had found earlier and commanded a nearby cat golem. Elanna blasted the group of hooded figures, which were actually undead minions. The blast destroyed the closest group, giving Calim time to control the others.

Henri and Stuart tried fighting the ones off to the north. Nevard stepped out and cast a spell, removing some cats from combat giving time for the others to assist with their turned jaguars.

Nevard collapsed on the stage, his body failing him as he cast the spell. Elanna ran up on the stage, checking him. Unsure what was wrong other than him being old, frail and about to expire by natural causes anyhow, she cast a heal spell upon him.

Navard told us:
bq). I saw a dark figure, standing atop Cauldron Hill, towering over our city. The sun set, and he cast a shadow across Parity Lake, stretching northwest, into the sea, beyond the horizon. He is born in our city, but his ultimate goal is elsewhere. And also things moved in his shadow—indeed, his shadow moved before he did, for while he was mighty, he was controlled by others.

I saw smoke hiding his face, for he was made mighty by industry. In my vision, a king chased him out to sea and defeated him by slicing him free from his shadow. But the cauldron had already shattered, and many thousands were drowned and devoured in its roil.

I saw three birds alight on the peak, the first of black silk, the second of black steel, both weeping blood. But the third was made of stars, and it sang many songs.

I tell you this: Cauldron Hill is not safe. Twice will danger arise, and twice will we be deceived into thinking it is safe to return, but we must avoid the place and avoid being tricked. I have arranged shelter in the Cloudwood, where people can be safe until the darkness passes.

A trumpeter carried a lantern onto the stage of a darkened theater, and the people gathered for his performance applauded, then lit lanterns of their own. The theater never got bright enough for him to see their faces.

One man tore himself in two, and his twin selves fought over a woman, tearing her into three, who ran away. Mice skittered around them, collecting cheese fallen amid the rails of a trainyard. Then a train roared down the track past him, but it had no one driving it. In the distance it derailed, and crushed two of the women, but which of the three survived?

A man carrying a bronze staff with three keyholes is assailed by swords and arrows and fire, but nothing kills him. He began to take off his robes, revealing tiger fur beneath them, while stars fell from the sky all around him. Then the sky was dark, and when the sun should have risen, instead a pale glowing cloud floated in the dark.

Finally, tyrant and murderer languished in prison, hanging from twelve chains and hooks that pierced her feet, her legs, her thighs, her shoulders, her arms, and her hands. But the thirteenth hook that sealed her mouth swung loose, and it fluttered in the breeze as she whispered a map that led everywhere.

We head back to HQ with the cats in the wagons. A bit after we arrived, the cats died from the strain and the witchoil isn’t enough to sustain them.

4th Summer
The long night

After fleeing the Cauldron Mountain and the strange happenings, we ran into a squad of troops wondering what was happening. After discussing with them, they were understanding.

We set off to try to prevent the arson at Heward’s Factory. Unfortunately, we were outnumbered and out-powered. With their initial attack, they severally wounded everyone but Stuart with a wall of Fire. Ellanna dropped back to heal herself as Henri pushed forward. He was able to dispatch one of the arsonists before one of the lizard men backhanded him and sent him sprawling with deep wounds to his buttocks.

Stuart used his foul magics to put one of the arsonists to sleep. Shouting at Elanna to cuff the sleeping arsonist, Stuart ran off to assist the others.

Calim was able to take out another as they fled. The two lizard men fleeing to the north. Elanna Ser was able to get in range to pull Henri from the brink of death with her magics.

Calim and Stuart chased the 2 lizard men while Elanna Ser used her wand to heal Henri. His grave wounds resisted the healing. One of the lizard men turned upon the pursuers and shot fire from his breath, resulting in Calim falling to the ground unconscious. Stuart was able to apply a band-aid to Calim’s owwies and make him better.

We were successful in stopping the fire from claiming the Factory and got a captive in the process. We travel back to headquarters.

On the way, we get a message that comes on the wind with a yellow canary:

“Your character comes recommended by a dear friend of mine. At his suggestion, I would like to arrange a meeting so you and I may discuss a mutual enemy. Speak to the wind a time that is convenient for you, preferably within the next two days, and my canary will guide you when you are ready. The meeting will occur in my territory, because while I trust my dear friend, I confess I find him a poor judge of character. After all, he associates with me.”

We questioned the arsonist:

  • got the names of the lizard men: Eberardo and Valando.
    • They have a hideout in the Parity Lake area

Elanna used her wand again to heal Calim of his injuries. We then returned to our homes to get a few hours of sleep before we had to meet with Kindleton.

The officers met several hours later at RHCP headquarters and proceeded to Kindleton’s house. A note was on the door:
bq). Officers, I heard from the Doctor and am going to meet him now. Come find us in East Parity Lake. L. Kindleton

Calim inspected around and found a pile of cigarettes that had been disturbed where our officer probably was on stake out. It is possible that he was drug off?
Stuart spoke to the butcher that lives downstairs and he said he saw some ruffians that came into her class.

We stopped at the RHCP office to see if anyone had seen the officer on duty. He had not reported in. We set off to East Parity Lake, realizing that we had no clue where in the district to find her by carriage.

We parked the carriage on the edge of the Parity Lake district and walked. After a few minutes into the area, we noticed that several people were avoiding being too close to us and bolting off. Several people were watching us suspiciously.

Rounding a corner, we discovered a mob at the entrance to an alley. A man ran up to us, exclaiming “They are beating him to a pulp! Officers, help him!”

In the alley, is a stopped carriage and a man on the ground that appears unsteady with a woman kneeling over him. She points down the alley and yells, “Stop them!”. Two figures in red scarves turn and run away down the alley.

When we reach the woman and the man on the ground, Elanna noticed that the man appeared to be faking. We cuffed both the man and the woman, after the woman tried to run away, which caused Stuart to hex her and put her to sleep.

We found ourselves surrounded by 12 on one side and about 40 on the other. After a brief discussion, we decided to surrender and go with the leader to his boss.

Rufus Hammerton is the underboss of the Kell gang. He seemed nice aside from being in the Kell gang.

He leads us into Lorcan Kell’s private theater box. Lorcan told us that he knew where the doctor was and would take us to him for 1000 gp. Lorcan claimed that the Doctor had come to them for help.

After some negotiations and threats, we agree to pay the 1000 gp. He made good on his word so far. Lorcan returned the officer and Kindleton to us. They were mostly unharmed, but roughed up.

We might be able to use Lorcan in the future.

Rufus was assigned to take us to the Doctor. Rufus takes us up into the Nettles via carriage. We stop at an old church built into a rock face.

We entered the church, passing several homeless that the Doctor appears to have been helping. We found the doctor in the back, who told us about having papers. They said the Norin factories seem to be involved in smuggling.

We heard a commotion outside when we were going to bring a woman’s who’s husband lost his thumb back for help. Feeling we were about to be besieged, we searched and found a well opening that let us climb up above.

Henri climbed up the well, lowered a rope and had Calim climb up as well. The two of them then pulled Lynn up to safety.

Stuart and officer McBride watched the entrance. Iron bars erupted from the ceiling and floor, blocking the hallway. 3 figures started down the hallway, passing through the bars like they didn’t exist.

They retreated back to the doctor’s room. Elanna took watch. An area of deep darkness appeared at the entrance. She turned and urged Stuart to get the Doctor up the well. She held her scimitar threatening as she readied her Storm Burst ability.

The Doctor struggled to get up the well shoot. Stuart runs over and pulls the lever to the north of the room, releasing the gate that blocks the north passage. It falls to the ground with a loud clatter.

A shadowy figure steps out of the darkness. Elanna shocks it, barely wounded it as the other glides up next to her. It stabs her with its dagger, barely slicing her arm. As the pain shoots through her arm, she feels a lethargic effect take her.

The Doctor makes it out. Stuart hearing the sounds of combat, turns and puts casts a spell at the shadow engaging Elanna. She watches it slump as the sleep spell takes effect.

Taking the opportunity to get away, Elanna sprints to the well shoot, grabs the rope and climbs out with a strength born from desperation. The shadows flounder at the bottom, screeching, but do not pursue up the shoot.

We escaped to RHCP headquarters and safety. We looked through the documents and talked to Dr. Wolfgang. After some time, we returned to our homes and rested till the next morning.

Launch Party!

It is spring of the year 500 A.O.V. (After Our Victory). Seven years after the end of the Fourth Yerasol War, the shipyards in Flint have completed the first Risuri warship powered solely by steam engine, not sail. Your monarch, King Aodhan, has come to Flint to witness the official launch of this mighty vessel. Woodenhulled but with a heart and skin of iron, the Royal Naval Ship Coaltongue will act as a deterrent against future aggression from Risur’s enemy across the sea, the nation of Danor.

The Royal Homeland Constabulary has been called upon to provide security, and you have spent the past several weeks working to make sure this event goes off without a hitch—canvassing the docks, performing background checks on the guest list, coordinating with the local police to set up a perimeter around the royal docks, and following various directives of your superiors.

Now, as a warm breeze off the sea mingles the scents of elaborate floral decorations with the pervasive coal soot that always hovers over Flint, you’re at the first of two checkpoints, working with Flint police to let in a crowd of local citizens who just want to line the streets and cheer their king.


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