Elanna Ser

A small and lithe girl of half Eladrin decent with black hair and bright eyes.


Elanna is short standing a couple inches under 5 feet and her body is lithe. Her half-Eladrin features come together in an exquisite manner. She has a slight point to her ears that stick out from her long raven black hair. Her hair tends to always be teased by the wind slightly, even inside or on the calmest day, though never appears messed up.

Due to her Eladrin heritage, her ice blue eyes glow slightly while using magic.

She has a fondness of birds, often watching them fly by if she is idle. This picked up this habit as a child during captivity.

She is usually reserved, almost to the point of being shy. Though as the storms that she draws her power, she is quick to action when her temper flares.


In the confusion following the death of the goddess Srasama’s death, one of the humans found a baby Eladrin girl among the wreckage. Feeling sorry for the innocent babe among the death and destruction, the man wrapped the babe up and brought it back to his homeland.

He was a noble and able to care for the babe, raising her as his own daughter, and named her Elliona. He kept her always hidden away in his manor for fear that someone else might come and steal her from him… or claim that she need return to her people. The manor was large and had many servants, even though the man lived alone. He was a widower as his wife had died due to complications during pregnancy that cost her and the child’s life.

Elliona had a small section of the manor to herself that was hidden off from the rest of the house. Outside of her surrogate father and a few trusted servants, no one else knew of her existence.

The man grew old and died before he named a successor. His estate passed to his brother, who had very little interest in the old manor and gave it to one of his sons. This new lord of the manor was as cruel as the original was kind. When he discovered Elliona, he raped her and made her his plaything. He continued to keep good care of her and keep her secret, but passed her down to his own son along with the manor.

Elliona’s life became a nightmare and at some point, her sanity was lost in the centuries that passed. Some generations she was almost forgotten and during others she was given as a reward for the night to henchmen or visiting nobles. She had become pregnant several times during these years, the babies that resulted from her entertaining the master or guests always disappeared. Most were slain, but there were rumors of some surviving.

Just over 20 years ago, she had her last baby. A girl she named Elanna. It was a time of few visits for Elliona as this master tended to forget her for long periods, even years. She hid Ellanna for years from the current master of the manor. Some of the servants were sympathetic to her and her child, so allowed her to remain hidden.

Around her 5th birthday, the master of the manor discovered Elanna. When he came to slaughter her daughter as had happened in the past, something snapped inside of Elliona. She ran at the man with a wild look in her eye. He plunged his sword into her chest with an oath, but her momentum was enough to carry them both out of the window to fall upon the rocks below.

A few years passed before anyone claimed ownership of the manor again. During this time, Elanna’s life was fairly normal as a child living with the servants, though most were cruel towards her she still had a few allies in the chief positions of the staff. This lasted until the new lord arrived and discovered her.

One of the servants that hated her due to the former master’s death, told the new lord about her background. The new lord had no interest in young half-Eladrin girls, but what he did like was gold. He made arrangements and sold Elanna to some pirates.

The men that bought Elanna were part of a band that was causing Risur problems off the coast. Enough problems, that the dispatched a unit of RHC operatives lead by a man named Duto Ser to deal with them.

After dealing with the pirates, Duto discovered Elanna locked in the hold of one of the ships. As he was freeing her, a pirate jumped out of hiding to attack the preoccupied Duto. His close friend, Athor was nearby and jumped in front of the flashing blade and running his own blade deep into the pirate. Unfortunately, the pirate’s blade also sunk deep into Athor’s chest, spilling his life at the same time.

Duto brought Elanna back to Risur with him. Shortly after, Duto and his wife Sala adopted Elanna as their own. Feeling indebted to his friend that had saved his life, Duto also helped out Athor’s son, Henri. Henri almost became a second adopted child to the couple.

Duto remained in the RHC for a few more years before retiring to work at a shop with his wife. There, they raised their newly adopted daughter and tried to bring stability back to her life.

Henri, who had grown up to wield a sword from the time he could walk, tried to teach Elanna how to use one as well. She had a little talent, but not the interest. When he tried to teach her the forms and the names of techniques from the schools, she often yawned and disappeared.

Something about her drew her out to the wilderness where she encountered the druids. Due to her curiosity, she started learning their teachings. At first, Duto was apprehensive about the idea, but warmed up to it when one of his former RHC comrades by the name of Dadin volunteered to teach her.

Elanna was thankful for that, as she felt that most druids were too into plants and trees and what really fascinated her was the destructive power of the storms. Dadin taught her the Druidic arts, but much to girls urging, taught more about weather and storms than the classical druid training.

Dadin was an Eladrin that followed the teachings of Vekesh and felt that Elanna herself was a living example of the philosophy. She already had a strong sense of justice as well as the desire to punish those that tried to bully the weak. He taught her the Vekeshi ideologies mixed in with the druidic lessons.

He petitioned and got her to be accepted as a Aspirant of Vekeshi. Elanna went through the trials at 18, even though she was not yet considered yet an adult. Due to the hardships of her childhood, she had no problems with the harsh trials to become a Mystic.

Seeing Risur as her only home and following in the footsteps of her father and teacher, Elanna was eager to join the RHC when she was old enough. Opportunity brought her that chance in the form of a man named Stuart.

One day as she was walking in the woods, she came upon a man walking. Curious, she watched him as he made his way through the woods. He was an odd fellow, watching the wildlife in a particular manner. She was about to lose interest when he entered a clearing and let out an exclamation. Lying in the opening in the trees was a body face down in the dirt. The hilt of a dagger still protruded from between its shoulders.

Unfortunately for the man, who Elanna came to know as Stuart, the RHC showed up just as he was examining the body. Not knowing him, they started accusing him of the crime. Elanna came forward, who they recognized as a local girl and the adopted daughter of Duto, and told them that the man just happened across the body at an inopportune time.

Elanna, ever curious, teamed up with Stuart to help figure out the crime. Elanna’s perception paired with Stuart’s deductive abilities led the pair to the victim’s friend. The so called friend was jealous of the victim due to a rivalry over the victim’s young wife.

After solving the crime, the RHC agents recommended the pair for position in the RHC. About this time, Henri returned from his Martial College and insisted that he enter the RHC along with Elanna.

Elanna Ser

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