Nilasa Hume Murder Investigation

Victim: Woman – Nilasa Hume – half-elfess

  • Was dating a guard at the embassy – Braden Sarkin
  • Was out on bail from a Parity Lake Police Station due to an incident yesterday. She was picked up in a contraband. Paid by Heward Sechim (same as the factory).
  • She had a slashing weapon wound that she apparently recieved in the Embassy. We found blood splatters indicating a slashing weapon wound. We found a vial on her – Potion of Invisibility. She had fresh healed wounds on her face.
  • Consulate Security Chief Julian LeBrix claimed that he shot her twice. Once before jumping out the window in the leg and then on the shoulder. She died from being impaled on the metal fence. She had remnants of invisibility, heal and fly magic, so she must have been dispelled, or her spell ran out to drop her onto the fence.
  • The victim also has an odd black/green oozing wound on her head of unknown origin. Caused by Necrotic Energy.
  • Gunshot wounds came from above after she was impaled on the fence.
  • Everyone in the embassy appears to be coming down off some drug. Probably Fey Pepper, possibly put into the food that she brought in.
  • The victim had several gold silverwear in her possession as well as a valuable egg that the had on display. - This was a lie.
  • She apparently handed someone something before she died. We have an eye witness of the guy that ran off. => Wolfgang (see below).
  • She lived in an alchemical factory named, Sechim’s Alkahest Factory. Apparently has a small appartment there.
  • She frequented the Thinking Man’s Tavern in Bosum Strand.
  • She told us:
    • She stole documents
    • She didn’t have anyone working with her (probably a lie)
    • She said she didn’t know who took the documents, but he seemed to be a doctor as he tried to help her. She said she handed them to him and he took her canary (Her flying item, presumably).

Sechim’s Alkahest Factory

  • Met with the owner, something Huward Sechim. He seemed like a nice guy. His uncle is a well known Seer that has got up in age – Nevard. He suggested using Nevard to contact Gale. He can be found in Cloudwood.
  • He confirmed the boyfriend at the Danor Embassy. Also that he bailed her out of jail.
  • She had relations with Gale, the terrorist. He said that Gale was leading her down a bad path.
  • Only found a book on learning Elvish in her room, she had read about 1/3 of it.

Parity Lake Police

Nilasa’s Criminal File – See image

Questioning LeBrix

  • Said Cillian Creed had attacked her and that he wasn’t even there.
    • he works for Reed McBannon, who is the Mayor of the Nettles. Creed was meeting with the head of the consulate, DuAndrea?
    • Creed pushed LeBrix to come up with a cover story and then left.
  • Dr. Wolfgang von Recklinghausen – He was the one that the documents were handed.
    Story of the theft of the silverware and the egg were a complete lie.

Thinking Man’s Tavern

  • Hennet Rinus spoke to us.
    • Debated philosophy with Stuart.
    • Nilasa sat in lots on their debates – listening.
    • Hennet had helped Nilasa pen a correspondence in fancy Crisillyiri style to someone named Monsigneur Morgan Cippiano, a criminal working with a Crisillyiri group to acquire something illegal. He was unable to provide any further specifics.
  • Jered Lawman – halfling – hung out with Nilasa. Barb said he is the leader of a group of Dockers. – Not very helpful.


  • Agreed to get us an audience with Gale, if we help him climb Cauldron Hill, which we have to get permission from the Mayor to get up.


  • The mayor gave us permission to climb the mountain with the old man. Told us he would give us amulets to protect us from spirits (we need to make sure that is the only thing they do) and blood to put around our camp (is that really a good idea?) to confuse evil spirits.
  • Seemed a bit over-eager to help, like there is another motive aside from looking good for political reasons with dealing with Gale.
  • The mayor’s butler that we met was Creed.

The Family

Couldn’t find anything about Monsigneur Morgan Cippiano at Headquarters. The Family is a Crisillyiri (another country) criminal group.

Dr. Wolfgang von Recklinghausen

  • This was the guy that was handed the papers.
  • Talked to the consulate secretary and got his case file that gave us details of the hotel he was staying and some contacts. House of Blue Birds in North Shore is where he was saying
  • He is from the Malice State of Arovia. He 3 different schoolings in different countries and is a surgeon
  • He is a human with dark hair, mustache and a goatee. Well dressed and carries a rapier. speaks in a foriegn accent.
  • Found him – he has papers showing evidence of smuggling in Norn factories.
  • Has Canary necklace magic item that Nilasa gave him as well as the documents.
  • Was chased by Creed and paid Kell’s men to keep him hidden. He was at the consulate on official business.


  • Dr. Barnaby Camp – In Northshore, his residence and a surgical theater at which he teaches. Know location of both.
  • Lynn Kindalton is at Pardwright University.

Blue Bird:

  • Talked to the owner. Officer Roger Porter showed up an hour after the doctor left. Had a wound on his chest, but instead of blood, it had black goo on it. It has small qualities of oil for a weapon plus a mix of human blood and burnt oil and radiates magic.
  • Wolfgang had rushed in with blood on him (probably Nilasa’s) and then rushed off. Officer Porter had put something in a bag and left.
  • Officer Porter doesn’t exist as a police officer in North Shore (the location of the murder)
  • Spoke to Dr. Camp – He said that Wolfgang had come to him and fled. He sent a letter to him (that we have) stating that he is hiding with some criminals, but they are growing impatient.

Lynn Kindleton -

  • We had to threaten her to act. She agreed to arrange a meeting with Wolfgang on the following evening of the 4th.
  • She wasn’t there when we went to met her. Found a note say she heard from the doctor and to meet her in East Parity Lake

Kell Guild
Criminal guild run by Lorcan Kell. He was the one that we fought against on the way up to Nevard.
They thought that they deserved a cut of the brigandry in the wood and kidnapped Moranna, who we helped save.

Gathering at Dawn Square
See entry: 5th Summer
Nevard gave us his vision.

Nilasa Hume Murder Investigation

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